Vitaliy Cebanu is already a professional musician. He plays today with the same passion and love as the day he started, only he added the virtuosity and the personal touch of an elite pro musician. His repertoire can take you from academic music, to jazz, to folk music, and from old classic songs to new and contemporary music.
   Vitaliy Cebanu was born June 17, 1974 in Leova, Moldova. His family was “blue collar”, but the love for music was there. In 1985 he started to study the clarinet at The Music School from Leova. As soon as he mastered the clarinet, he started to participate in all cultural events from his town and Leova.
   After he finished middle school, Vitaliy passed the admission exam for The Music College from Tiraspol. Here, he started to study the pan-flute in professor Ion Negura’s class. From the very first lesson, he was fascinated, and in love with the new instrument. His thirst for knowledge and the love for the pan-flute, makes him study and practice almost all the time.    In 1990, at the age of 16, Vitaliy won the 2nd place at the Republic’s Competition for Musicians “St. Neaga”. In 1991, Vitaliy won the 2nd place at The International Kiev Competition from Ukraine, and 1st place at The Regional Competition from Transnistria. After that, he started to play as soloist with “Viorica Band” from Tiraspol. In 1993, he finished The Music College, and passed the admission exam for The Music Academy “G. Musicescu” from Chisinau. Here, he got involved more and more in the world of music and started participating in a series of shows at Sala cu Orga, National Palace, and Opera Theater.
   As a soloist, Vitaliy has performed widely in concerts and recitals in Romania, including engagments in Iasi, Bacu, Brasov, and Bucuresti. As part of Trio Renaissance (cymbalom, violin and pan flute) Vitaliy recorded and released his first classical music album in 1998. The trio subsequently toured and performed widely throughout Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Romania. Vitaliy's second album with Trio Renaissance, “Remaisence”, is released in 1999, and in the same year, Vitaliy released a solo CD, "Only Grace". As part of the US-based group Patmos, Vitaliy released three more albums.
   In 1998, Vitaliy became a Diplomat of The Music Academy “G. Musicescu", and won the 2nd place at the Republic’s Competition for Musicians and Musical Interpretation “ Barbu Lautarul” the 4th edition. Vitaliy Cebanu is a Member of The Musicians from Moldova Union.
Vitaliy Cebanu is currently available for public and private performance engagements! Contact Vitaliy at, or at (803)446-1317. Learn more about the pan flute at