High-Quality Panflute / Pan Flute / Panpipe / Pan Pipe Models

compiled by Douglas Bishop

"Are you looking for a high-quality handcrafted pan flute? There are many models and types of pan flutes now available, but the final selection of a pan flute to fit your individual needs can be confusing, particularly for beginners. With the help of this webpage, you can now compare the characteristics of pan flutes from reputable builders. All of the following listings are for handcrafted pan flutes only, you will find no listings to cheaply-made, mass-produced pan flutes here. Remember to follow one rule: order directly from the pan flute builder. I hope you find this page useful"!        -Douglas Bishop
All prices are listed in U.S. dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, or Chinese Yuan. Click here for currency conversions.
Dajoeri Pan Flutes (located in Switzerland)
Price Range: CHF 720-CHF 5390 (Swiss Francs) / Ordering information
Doina Pan Flutes (located in Germany)
Price Range: 450-1950 (Euros) / Ordering information
Joachim Domide's Pan Flutes (located in Switzerland)
Price Range: CHF 350-CHF 2000 (Swiss Francs) / Ordering information
Martin Fuchs' Glass Pan Flutes (located in Switzerland)
Price Range: CHF 160-CHF 3000 (Swiss Francs) / Ordering information
Koreski Pan Flutes (located in Portland, Oregon, USA)
Price Range: $750-$9500 (US Dollars) / Ordering information
Steffen Kuettner's Pan Flutes (located in Germany)
Price Range: 505-1715 (Euros) / Ordering information
Panex Pan Flutes (located in the Czech Republic)
Price Range: 69-443 (Euros) / Ordering information
Ion Preda's Pan Flutes (located in Romania)
Price Range: 550-1800 (Euros) / Ordering information
Q'awary Pan Flutes (located in Peru)
Price Range: $340 - individual quote (US Dollars, includes shipping) / Ordering information
Ulitza Pan Flutes (located in Germany)
Price Range: 550-1900 (Euros) / Ordering information
UU Pan Flutes (located in China)
Price Range: 99-8800 (Chinese Yuan) / Ordering information